Annual Report 2018
60 Years Producing Energy

Health and Safety

For HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Health and Safety, in all its activities, is its most important priority. For this reason, all necessary safety measures are taken concerning staff, colleagues and visitors in all workplaces, in line with the International Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3) for Good Health.

The Group continuously invests in prevention, staff and partners’ training and infrastructure in health and safety to ensure that it complies with the strictest criteria at both national and European level. In 2018, approximately €14 million was invested in safety improvements in all of the Group's facilities in Greece and abroad.

€14 million
Investments in safety
60% reduction
of lost workday accidents vs 2017

All Group facilities set targets to control and improve their Health and Safety performance, with a regular periodic review of the targets. Specific safety indicators’ objectives are set and tracked, based on CONCAWE's proposals.

In 2018, the Group's holistic safety program continued, leading to the establishment and improvement of important safety procedures for the three refineries and the individual plants.

In 2018 there was a significant decrease in incidents as compared to 2017, with lost workday accidents reaching the lowest levels recorded in recent years, while the Group also achieved the goal set with regard to reporting and investigating near incidents, which constitutes a pre-emptive safety indicator, in all facilities of the Group.

Overall, in 2018, out of a total of 8,917,070 man-hours, 17 work-related accidents (-60% vs 2017) related to staff and contractors employed in the refineries and chemical plants of HELPE SA and EKO ABEE, were reported.

Diagrams below show the safety KPIs evolution:

LWIF Index1

AIF Index2

PSER Index3

1 Lost workday injury frequency: Number of accidents of absence (LWIs)/ 1 million man-hours
2 All injury frequency: Sum of fatal accidents+LWI+limiting capacity+healthcare/ 1 million man-hours
3 Process Safety Event Rate: Number of process safety incidents / 1 million man-hours